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This Video is just the information you need to quickly setup your own BildrBot.

Watch the series where we go over the entire BildrBot template. From setup in the studio, to live demos of each action, and exploring the flow of data in the network tab of your console.

Want to understand the entire template start-to-finish?

Explore the entire template walkthrough videos here.

What is Bildr?

Bildr is a no-code studio for creating full-stack webapps that scale. Create anything from Airbnb, to Facebook, to internal tools like Marketing Funnels and CRMs. You're limited only by what you can think up.

We replace every part of the full-code development stack with a no-code interface. Full custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is just a click away inside the studio at any moment.

Start Building your first app here:
Learn more here:
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No Code Speed. Full Code Flexibility.

Timeline of this Video

00:00 Introduction
00:15 What is Bildr?

BildrBot Template Demo
01:09 Template Demo

Setup Your Project
02:20 Start a New Project from Template in Bildr
03:04 Get Your OpenAI API Key
03:41 Add your API Key as a Secret
04:15 Add Your Secret to One Action

You're all setup!
04:42 Live Demo of Your Very Own ChatBot

BildrBot - Custom Bildr ChatBot in 5-minutes

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