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Have you been watching the Artificial Intelligence (AI) hype and wondering how you can apply it to your business? Not sure where to get started with AI, and how you can leverage AI with No-Code apps?

Join Alex from Sonrous, a Noloco Partner, and Noloco's CEO, Darragh Mc Kay, in a fascinating webinar that will answer all of your AI questions.

In this incredible webinar, Alex
Alex showed us how to build an Applicant Tracking System that automatically extracts information from candidate's CVs, tags the candidate with dynamic tags and automatically matches the candidate to the best, open position.

Next, Alex dove into how to do build this process yourself using Noloco and Make, and how you can easily get started with Noloco Workflows to add AI to your NoCode app, or get advanced and use Make.

Get started with Noloco:
Learn more about Sonorus:

Automating document extraction with AI and No-Code App with Noloco

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