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Even though you’re not technically coding an app when you’re using a platform like Bubble, you’re still programming, which means there’s a lot to know. In this brand new video, we’re helping you simplify the process. Follow this 4 phase roadmap to go from “idea” to no code app correctly, quickly, and a heck of a lot more easily.

0:00 - Development Uncertainty
0:55 - Scoping Strategy
8:47 - Pilot Development
12:45 - Alpha Testing
17:20 - Pilot Testing

💥 What to Watch Next:

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- Build a Scalable MVP App from Start to Finish:

- Customize and Expand Your Existing App:

- Use APIs in Your App (connect with outside services):

💥 Free Stuff:

- In-Depth Bubble Guide: [](

- Facebook Community for No Code App Entrepreneurs:

A Step-by-Step Roadmap to Build & Launch Your First No Code App

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