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Has it felt harder than you expected to build your no code app? For most people, the complexity comes as a bit of a surprise. And to be honest, it can make the idea of actually launching feel pretty daunting, to say the least. But here’s the thing…

With the right development techniques, building your first app doesn’t have to take forever (and it doesn’t have to feel like a constant battle). In this video, we’re walking through 7 mistakes beginners make when building their first no code app. These mistakes cause a lot of people to throw in the towel or drop a ton of money to outsource…Learn what they are now so you can avoid that altogether.

💥 FREE No Code App Workshop:

0:00 - Development Challenges
1:28 - Build in Layers
4:10 - Build in Versions
5:36 - Value Proposition
8:30 - User Outreach
10:22 - Feature Creep
11:52 - Testing Timeframe
14:05 - MVP Recap

💥 What to Watch Next:

- How to Validate Your No Code App:

- Using Bubble to Build Your App:

- How to Scope Your App Correctly:

💥 Self-Led Training on How to Build a Bubble App:




💥 Work Directly With Us to Launch Your App & Start/Grow Your Business:


💥 Free Stuff:

- In-Depth Workshop on No Code App Development:

- Facebook Community for No Code App Entrepreneurs:

- How to Scope Your No Code App:

- In-Depth Bubble Guide:

- Template for Testing Your No Code App:

- Costs & Budget for No Code App Development:

- No Code App Development Beginner Quick-Guide:

7 Mistakes Beginners Make When Building Their First No Code App

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