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The video showcases four new AI tools that can revolutionize work: a sales pitch practice tool, a customer research platform, a rapid prototyping tool, and a creator digital clone.

00:00 Four new tools that can revolutionize work processes.
00:22 The first tool, Paddleboat, helps improve sales pitches by simulating customer interactions and providing feedback on sales calls.
02:06 The second tool, Kraftful, automates customer data analysis and user surveys, making it easy to summarize customer reviews and create surveys.
04:57 Introducing a tool called Subframe for quick prototyping with pre-built components, templates, and customization options, aiding designers in efficiently starting design projects.
06:28 A platform that can create a clone of you based on your data, allowing others to interact with your digital brain and monetize your knowledge through memberships, offering the potential for various professionals to train their data and engage with audiences.

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4 Brand New AI Tools To Save Startups 20 hours a week!

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