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A week after the GPT-Store opened, here's the best GPTs. Learn more about Invideo's GPT at

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Resources From Today's Video:
1. Video Summarizer:
2. Invideo AI:
3. DesignerGPT:
4. Grimoire:
5. Canva:
6. Sticker Whiz:
7. Simpsonize Me:
8a. Consensus:
8b. Scholar GPT:
9. AI GPT:
10. Finance Wizard:
11. The Negotiator:
12. FAQ Generator AI:
13. PlaylistAI:
14. Sous Chef:
15. Convert Anything:

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
1:26 Video Summarizer
2:41 Invideo AI
6:03 DesignerGPT
7:06 Grimoire
8:58 Canva
9:42 Sticker Whiz
10:20 Simpsonize Me
10:43 Consensus
11:14 Scholar GPT
12:17 AI GPT
12:58 Finance Wizard
14:26 The Negotiator
15:44 FAQ Generator AI
16:36 PlaylistAI
17:31 Sous Chef
18:40 Convert Anything
19:40 My Feelings on The GPT Store

15 Custom GPTS That Will Change How You Work!

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