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App Builders

With this course you'll learn how to build a simple and powerful web clipper Chrome Extension. It will give you the basics and confidence to start building any Chrome Extension you've got in mind. ⚡

What are we learning?

How to use Bildr's Chrome Extension Actions to pull information from a webpage (Title, URL, Page Description, Social Share Image)

How to save and send that information into Airtable, Zapier and Integromat

How to generate a Banner Bear image from the webpage information.

How to create a Chrome Extension that your user can reposition as needed top-right, top-left, etc.

How to test your Chrome Extension

How to Export and Publish to the Chrome App Store

If you also like to learn by reverse-engineering, check out the Chrome Extension Pattern. You can use it to crosscheck your work as you go through the course. 👇

1. Chrome Extension - Web Clipper - Intro ✂️

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