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Can I make an app without coding? With Bravo Studio app builder is possible! What is Bravo Studio? the fastest App building platform that turns your designs into native mobile apps. Design freedom. No code.

This video is the recording of the back-end webinar of the No-Code Summer Camp, brought to you by NoCode.Tech and Bravo Studio.

The No Code Summer Camp took place between July and September 2021. These workshops are meant to help you launch your next project without coding.

Every week, we will post one recording of the workshops and webinars to help you at each stage of the app-building journey!

In this webinar we worked on the backend of an app. Mark Piller, founder, and CEO of Backendless: No Code visual app development, mobile Backend as a Service, and API Service Platform.

Scaling Starts From Schema - Building A Scalable No-Code Database From The Ground Up
This webinar includes:
Learn the basics of codeless backend architecture, including best practices for building a flexible, scalable database infrastructure.
Using the Backendless platform, you will be introduced to key concepts for working with a visual relational database.
You will learn how to build effective database queries and how to structure database APIs to work with any frontend, codeless, or coded.

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Building A Scalable No-Code Database From The Ground Up with Backendless

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