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Cloud Hosting Platform for WooCommerce for WooCommerce is a WordPress/WooCommerce plugin designed to automate product text and meta descriptions. It's versatile, easily integrates with WooCommerce, and crafts SEO-friendly texts. It has 'Single' and 'Bulk' modes and supports unlimited users.

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About is a purpose-built plugin for WordPress/WooCommerce to streamline the creation of product text and meta descriptions. It offers flexibility in developing text for single or multiple products simultaneously. The plugin smoothly combines with WordPress/WooCommerce, assuring a user-friendly experience, especially for newcomers. It's adept at constructing superior, SEO-compatible meta titles, meta descriptions, product descriptions, and Open Graph texts. Users can choose between ' Single' and ' Bulk' modes for optimal content production. The plugin does not limit the number of users or web shop installations associated with each account. Single

In addition to selecting tone, style, and target audience, the writer is given the flexibility to conduct thorough keyword analysis, select semantic keywords, and decide the attributes from WooCommerce to be included in the text prior to its generation.


Upon completion of product understanding and keyword scrutiny, the actual text generation takes about 50 seconds. Following this, the writer is offered the opportunity to examine the final output before its publication on WooCommerce.'s Single function is proficient at maintaining a uniform tone and style whilst integrating keywords to enhance SEO ranking. It guarantees flexibility by allowing content to be tailored per product, in accordance with a specific audience's preferences, prior to its publishing. Bulk's Bulk feature provides the convenience of generating text for multiple products simultaneously. One can select numerous products and craft texts for them all at the same time. Despite its inability to conduct keyword analysis, choose semantic keywords, and select unique product attributes for each product (given that it creates texts for multiple products together), it still enables the writer to maintain a standard tone, style, and incorporate identical attributes for all selected goods.


The speed of Bulk is impressive. Once the desired products and their respective tone, style, and attributes have been set, it takes nearly 30 seconds to generate the text.


This mode is particularly beneficial when high quantities of product text need to be generated quickly without the requirement or the luxury of time for keyword analysis.


Features provides a series of features designed to streamline your eCommerce operations. You can connect an endless number of eCommerce sites, have unlimited users, and directly transfer/publish text to WooCommerce. The plugin allows you to select product attributes for inclusion in the text, customize the tone and style of content, select a target audience, and determine the desired length of the text. You can set user roles, review the history logs, transfer/publish text in bulk, and add custom product details. Additionally, you can define a unique tone and style, use a reference product for uniformity of text, and avail AI-suggested target markets or define a custom one yourself. The plugin enables text rewriting, keyword analysis, and semantic keyword incorporation and monitors the keyword density. Lastly, supports multiple stores, enhancing the functionality of your eCommerce platform.


Disclaimer: is an independent tool developed to work with WordPress/WooCommerce. It is not affiliated or endorsed by WordPress/WooCommerce.

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