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WebWave AI

Generate website with one click and change whatever you want! With WebWave AI you can create a stunning website in no time.

Website Builders



✨WebWave AI is here to help you turn your vision into reality. Just click the “AI website” button and experience the new era of web design. Once the site is generated, you can change everything with our drag and drop interface. AI website, your accomplishment.


Change whatever you want. Pixel Perfect Drag and Drop.

WebWave’s drag and drop interface is inspired by graphic design tools. It means that you can position elements anywhere on the canvas. There are no predefined sections, boxes, or stiff layouts. And it still applies when you create a website with AI. Once it’s generated, you can change everything.


Share your vision with AI

Your description shouldn’t be longer than 35 words, which makes the entire process fast and effective. Don’t worry about the overly-complicated details. Write a quick description, and AI will take care of everything else.


All you need is one click

Just click the “Generate” button and it will transfer you to the website builder immediately. There you will see the full version of your website. Tailored to your goals, needs, and industry.


Your image, colors and fonts

When you create a website with WebWave AI, you have total control over its look. AI will generate the layout, images, color palette, and fonts that will suit your description best. Of course, later, you can still tweak everything with drag and drop editor.


Copy tailored to your needs

WebWave AI writer will fill your page with copy that will reflect your brand’s character. Every section will stand out thanks to copy that grabs attention, engages, and converts.


Optimize your copy and scale your site

Thanks to the SEO optimization feature, your copy will not only enamor visitors but also algorithms, which will ultimately lead to more traffic and clients.




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