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Wappler is a leading producer of low code, visual productivity tools for creating rich data driven, highly interactive web sites and mobile apps.

It offers great visual design and integration of standard frameworks allowing for full freedom and rich productivity. Wappler supports many frameworks for front-end and back-end solutions as well as visual design tools and workflow editors.

Wappler is a result of 20 year of development work in the shadows of Adobe, extending their products with great components and plugins. Now since its first release in 2018 – Wappler has attracted thousands of users around the world. Behind Wappler, there is a huge community of users around the globe using the product and delivering feedback of new ideas that out development team quickly integrates in the product.

Our team consists of people with great tech background which are part of the world’s leading Dreamweaver extensions producer DMXzone. We are part of Dynamic Zones International BV, founded in 2000. More than 22 years of experience!

Our history of innovation started with the launch of a successful international user group. The goal of this community was to share knowledge about Adobe Dreamweaver, that long-known website editor. Because of the enthusiasm of the users this group blossomed and became a network with more than 600,000 users. Currently, we are operating from two offices in Europe, located in The Netherlands and Bulgaria

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