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A customizable community platform for businesses. Engage, retain, and delight customers.

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Tribe enables businesses to build a white-label, online community to connect, engage and retain customers. It is popular for its no-code customizability, the ability to integrate into products and websites, direct integrations with popular third-party tools, intuitive UX derived from social networks, and powerful gamification features. 

Tribe unifies a number of customer-facing activities in one platform. You’ll be able to create a support forum and empower your customers to help peers, build a knowledge base to improve product adoption, collect feedback and feature requests, and let customers share knowledge, and network under your brand. 

Discount restrictions: Only available to Tribe's new customers on Plus and Premium plans

Instructions to redeem the discount: 

Please follow these steps to get your discount code: 

  • Fill out the form on this page:

  • Tribe will send you a unique discount code in 2 business days. Redeem your code in 7 business days. 

To redeem the code 

  • Build a community on Tribe and log into it.

  • Click on your Profile Picture on the top right corner, then pick Administration.

  • Open Settings from the left bar, then click on Billing. 

  • Click on Change Plan to pick your preferred plan and redeem your discount code.

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