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Our vision is a future where everyone can be an entrepreneur.

We believe design is the ultimate competitive advantage. We build products that help entrepreneurs stand out and succeed. Stand out online with a professional website, online store, or portfolio. With Squarespace, you can turn any idea into a reality. Squarspace has the goal of helping creative ideas succeed. 

Squarespace Offers: 

  1. Website Overview 

  2. Website Templates 

  3. Websites for Portfolios 

  4. Websites for Blogs 

  5. Analytics 

  6. Hire an Expert

  7. Enterprise Solutions

  8. Ability to Sell Products 

  9. Ability to Sell Services 

Squarespace Values:

  1. Be the customer. - Developing deep empathy for customers needs.

  2. Design is not a luxury. - Great design should be available to everyone. 

  3. Build the ideal. - Shape the future of the website building industry by conceiving of and building game changing products 

  4. Learn fast, act fast. - Pursuing the fastest path to learning and having a healthy bias to action are keys to success 

  5. Protect creativity. - Creative process is critical to success, we seek to protect it as we develop new directions for our product and company. 

  6. Simplify. 

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