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Social Jockey

Social Jockey

Social Jockey is a review management tool that helps small businesses get more positive reviews and improve their online reputation.

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It helps businesses collect reviews from customers through different channels, monitor and respond to reviews, and increase customer satisfaction, improve SEO, and get more positive reviews.

Let your customer do the talk for you to show your authenticity. Collect customer reviews through digital channels like email, sms, website, social media, through the easy to maneuver Social Jockey

  • 59% of the buyers choose Google to read reviews online (By Google Trends)

  • 89% of users read online reviews before buying the product ( Source: TrustPilot)

  • 93% of users have made buying decisions based on an online review (Source: Podium)

  1. Register and Integrate - Connect your Favorite platform which you wanted to get positive reviews 

  2. Manage & Handle your 4+ Rating Reviews - Manage your reviews & Get only Postive reviews to get more business

  3. Market your business to attract new clients - Get AI Helps to manage your reviews to get more clients and more positive reviews

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