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Second V2

Second V2

AI-powered enterprise codebase maintenance, including automated migrations and codebase intelligence for engineering teams who need to get stuff done.

AI Tools



With dashboards, scans, and reports, Second can effortlessly detect these issues, create tickets, and automatically resolve them with pull requests.

Automated migrations that actually work

Connect repo

Connect to GitHub, Bitbucket, or Gitlab and select a repo to work on.

Generate plan

Choose a project template and let our AI planning agents create a STEP plan in YAML. Review the plan and make adjustments if needed.

Run job

Put our AI execution agents to work by running a job in our secure cloud.

Get pull request

Get a high quality, fully functional branch ready for your review. Raise a pull request and merge whenever you're ready.

Codebase intelligence like you've never seen before

Security vulnerabilities, slow code, fragile code, dead code, redundancies, anti-patterns, unmaintainable code – together, these issues represent a serious challenge for engineering teams.

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