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RepBot is a generative AI powerd online reputation management tool for B2C businesses. It helps businesses get more reviews by automatically sending review requests, detects and reports one-star reviews that violate platform policies.

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Overview is an online review and reputation management tool for B2C businesses. Leveraging generative AI, it offers a suite of features aimed at optimizing review management and sentiment analysis. It simplifies soliciting reviews through automated, personalized requests that include a one-click option for customers to create keyword-rich feedback.


The platform publishes brand compliant responses to customer reviews instantly and it also specializes in detecting and handling negative reviews by detecting and reporting those that violate platform policies for quick resolution.


The deep sentiment analysis feature of turns volumes of customer feedback into digestible, actionable insights, enabling businesses to identify patterns and trends that inform strategy.


With its focus on AI efficiency, businesses save substantial time while maintaining a proactive stance in managing their online narratives. Additionally, its affordability and policy navigation tools offer businesses of all sizes a cost-effective and intelligent way to control their digital footprint across major platforms like Google My Business (GMB), Yelp, Facebook, and TrustPilot.

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