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Sell more annual subscriptions with a custom Stripe Pricing Table

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Pricefy is a powerful tool designed to enhance your Stripe checkout experience and create pricing tables that can help you increase sales.


Why Pricefy?

1. Improve Stripe Checkout Conversion with Custom Pricing Table

The default Stripe checkout may get the job done, but with Pricefy, you can take it to the next level.

Customization is the key! Pricefy allows you to edit your pricing table to suit your brand and customer preferences, ultimately boosting conversion rates.


2. Build with Stripe, Customize with Pricefy

Pricefy integrates with Stripe while providing more tools to customize your pricing strategy effortlessly. With Pricefy, upgrading your pricing table takes just a few minutes, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.


3. Sell More Annual Subscriptions

One common challenge in selling annual subscriptions is the fear of a large one-time payment. Pricey tackles this issue by enabling you to advertise the yearly rate at a monthly cost, making it comparable with the monthly rate and increasing your annual subscription sales.


4. Separate Descriptions for Each Payment Plan

Unlike Stripe, which restricts custom text for monthly and yearly payment plans, Pricefy allows you to provide distinct and compelling descriptions for each plan period. This ensures that your customers are well-informed, leading them to more confident purchasing decisions.


How Pricefy Works
  1. Create Products in Stripe: Build your products and prices in Stripe – the backbone of your e-commerce operations. To connect Pricefy with Stripe, you only need to pass the Stripe secret key.

  2. Customize Pricing Table: Use Pricefy's intuitive interface to customize your pricing table. Tailor it to your brand and optimize for conversion. Here is how you can change the design of your pricing table with Pricefy.

  3. Embed Pricefy on Your Page: Once your pricing table is perfectly customized for your website, embed it in one click on your website. Watch your customers enjoy a visually appealing, conversion-focused checkout experience.

Pricefy is an e-commerce business game-changer for those determined to stay ahead in a competitive market.

Visit Pricefy now and take the first step towards a more profitable and customer-friendly pricing approach. Your success starts with a click.

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