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Ditch manual updates! PowerImporter automates your Webflow CMS with your Airtable base. Simply set up a no-code sync and watch your website stay fresh with the latest content from Airtable, 24/7. Works like magic, no coding skills needed.




Effortlessly Keep Your Webflow CMS Updated with Airtable - No Coding Required

Stop wasting time on manual updates and complex automation tools! PowerImporter offers a seamless, no-code solution to synchronize your Airtable database with your Webflow CMS. Say goodbye to the frustrations of Zapier and Make - PowerImporter simplifies the process with just a few clicks.


Automatic Updates, Always:

  • Set it and forget it: With PowerImporter Auto-sync, any changes you make in Airtable are automatically reflected on your Webflow website. Your CMS will always display the latest and most accurate information.

Effortless Field Mapping:

  • No coding expertise needed: PowerImporter intelligently identifies all your Airtable fields and Webflow collection items. Simply select which fields you want to sync, and PowerImporter takes care of the rest.

Seamless Data Handling:

  • PowerImporter handles all data types: Even complex fields like references, multi-references, images, rich text, and YouTube links are effortlessly transferred and formatted for Webflow.

  • Automatic reference field creation: No more headaches with manually setting up references! PowerImporter uses your Airtable linked records to automatically create and establish connections between your Webflow CMS collections.

  • Image and attachment transfer: Forget about webhooks and APIs. Just map your Airtable image fields, and PowerImporter will upload them directly to your Webflow Image, Multi-Image, or File fields.

  • Rich text conversion: Rich text formatting from Airtable is automatically converted into compatible Webflow HTML, ensuring a smooth formatting transition.

  • YouTube video previews: PowerImporter detects YouTube links in Airtable and generates the corresponding embed codes for your Webflow videos, eliminating the need for custom Javascript.

Effortless Content Management:

  • Add, update, and delete with ease: PowerImporter functions as a real-time bridge between Airtable and Webflow. Any additions, edits, or deletions made in Airtable are automatically reflected in your Webflow CMS, keeping your website content consistently up-to-date.

Focus on creating amazing content, and let PowerImporter handle the tedious syncing tasks. It just works!

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