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AI fashion model platform for clothing brands, retailers & creative agencies

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Opulli is a platform designed to streamline fashion marketing through AI-generated models. It provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional photoshoots, creating high-resolution digital visuals. Opulli also offers the licensing of real model likenesses, enabling the use of digital avatars in various marketing campaigns and extending real models' careers in the digital space.


The platform supports rapid product launches and A/B testing, optimizing marketing strategies. It features a diverse range of models, representing various ethnicities and body types, customizable to align with specific brand aesthetics. This allows brands to create visuals that accurately reflect their target demographics and branding.

In addition to its marketing benefits, Opulli promotes sustainability by minimizing the need for physical samples and photoshoots, thus reducing waste. This eco-friendly approach addresses the growing demand for sustainable practices within the fashion industry.


The interface of Opulli is designed for easy navigation, making it accessible to users without extensive technical training. This user-friendly design ensures that fashion brands, retailers, and creative agencies can effectively use the platform to enhance their marketing efforts.


Opulli's combination of AI technology, real model integration, and sustainable practices makes it a versatile tool for modern fashion marketing. By offering customizable, high-resolution visuals and supporting diverse representation, Opulli helps brands create impactful marketing materials efficiently and sustainably.

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