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The better way to automate your business. Ninox is the easiest way to digitize your business: The low-code platform for all SME business processes.




Flexible is the new normal

There is an ever-growing demand for flexible tools that adapt to everyone’s specific needs. Ninox is a low-code platform that empowers teams around the globe to automate their business processes. Develop versatile apps for your company with Ninox—the best part is, you don’t need a single line of code.

Empowering people and promoting teamwork

  • Our users take center stage

  • Leaving room for creativity and building the smoothest user journey, we empower business teams work more efficiently.

  • We thrive in adversity

  • We take risks and learn from mistakes. If things don't work out: we adapt, improve, and continue moving forward.

  • Customers' needs first

  • We are proud to offer a service that actually helps people with their daily business and ranks as one of the best business apps.

  • Bring your own ideas

  • Extraordinary tools are made by extraordinary people. Take responsibility, be approachable, keep an open mind—this is how we grow.

  • Excellence in service

  • Need help? Our tech support team is there for you, as one of the highest rated across the industry.

  • We are committed to diversity

  • Based in Berlin, we embrace cultural diversity with a team of low-code enthusiasts from all over the world

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