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Introducing Nimble, is the first user-friendly, AI-powered proxy and web scraping platform. Offering an easy-to-use AI-driven proxy platform, diverse web APIs, and a web scraping browser.




Nimble has built itself as a pioneer in the industry, being the first company to fully harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to enhance your web scraping results. This innovative platform provides a spectrum of tools and services aimed at making data collection not only more user-friendly, but also faster and more efficient.


Among its key features is the Nimble API, a tool that facilitates the loading of data from any public online source, regardless of whether there is a pre-existing template for the website of interest. This API strictly adheres to all data protection legal standards, including the recently introduced EU data protection regulatory framework and GDPR.


Beyond the API, Nimble introduces the Nimble Browser, an advanced web driver engineered to augment data collection processes. This browser ensures uninterrupted access to any public data source, supports flexible scaling on fully managed infrastructure, and does away with the necessity for maintenance and debugging. Leveraging AI, the browser enhances its parsing and webpage rendering abilities.


Nimble IP, another feature of the platform, is a high-performance global proxy network. It's specifically optimized for compatibility with third-party apps, and comprehensive, easy-to-follow guides for integrating Nimble IP with popular third-party software are readily available.


Nimble offers a range of plans and pricing options, and even offers a trial period. For additional information, they can be contacted directly via their website.

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