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Natively is a no-code development tool that converts any website/web app into a native mobile app.

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What is Natively?


Natively is a no-code development tool that helps you create mobile applications in a few minutes.


Natively wraps your website/web app to the native mobile app by adding it to the WebView (an embeddable browser that a native application can use to display web content while a web app provides additional functionality and interactivity).


You can easily access mobile native features (such as push notifications, QR/bar code scanner, toast, banners, geolocation, camera, etc.) with our SDK & Plugins and continue updating your website without re-submitting it to AppStore/GooglePlay.


Why Natively?

  1. It's so fast. You can build a mobile app yourself just in 5-10 minutes. (no coding skills required).
  2. Secure. No need to share developer account credentials anymore.
  3. Any Website. You can wrap any website with Natively and use native features with it.
  4. Automated. Natively app creation process is fully automated and does not require developers involvement.
  5. Integrations, guidance, and support. We have excellent documentation. Easy to use a plugin for Bubble and JS SDK.
  6. Performance and stability. Natively are using the same open-source engine as other services, which means good app stability. We've added many performance improvements from our side and are implementing more.
  7. A lot of native features: Push Notification, Universal Links (Deeplinking), Camera, QR/Bar code scanner, and more. Just check our Bubble plugin for more details.
  8. Release guarantee. We provide special terms and warranties for App Store and Google Play acceptance.
  9. Preview App. Before buying, you can run your app and test native features in preview mode.


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