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Cloud Hosting Platform is a next-level e-commerce store builder for digital products with AI assistance. You can create a store in seconds using a human-readable prompt. It offers a white-label, customizable store with all the necessary ecommerce features.

E Commerce



A short list of features:


👔 White-label site

Customize your platform with your branding, ensuring a seamless and professional user experience


💰 Stripe & PayPal

Accept payments effortlessly through industry-leading payment gateways, ensuring convenience and security for your customers


📝 Blog

Engage your audience and boost your platform's visibility with a built-in blog feature, sharing valuable content and insights


🎈 0% Fee

Keep more of your earnings with our zero transaction fee policy, maximizing your profits


💳 On-site checkout

Simplify the purchasing process for your customers with a hassle-free, on-site checkout experience


🤖 AI-assistance

Boost your productivity by creating and editing content using AI


🎩 Custom domain

Establish your unique online presence with a personalized domain name, reinforcing your brand identity


🔌 No-code integrations

Seamlessly integrate with third-party tools via Zapier, saving time and resources


🎁 Promo codes

Attract and retain customers with special offers and discounts through customizable promo codes

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