Delightful auth for Web3 onboarding

Onboard users new to crypto with just an email, phone number, or social login. One SDK for auth, wallet creation, and key management.

Familiar logins powered by blockchain

Integrate the Magic SDK for passwordless login methods that generate Web3 wallets behind the scenes — with a few lines of code.


Frictionless, passwordless login using email magic links.


Log in using a one-time code sent to users via text message.


OAuth sign-in via Google, Twitter, Discord, and others.


Offer extra protection through biometrics or a FIDO2 device.

Multi-factor auth

Double down on security with MFA via authenticator app.

External Wallets (coming soon)

Authenticate using existing Web3 wallets like MetaMask.

Multichain support

Magic is natively compatible with the fastest-growing blockchains. Non-custodial key management included.

Robust security and infra

Protect users with patented non-custodial key management and scale seamlessly for big NFT drops.

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Future-proof, plug and play login.

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