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Easily record and share AI-powered video messages with your teammates and customers to supercharge productivity.

Write a document, create an issue, or send a message with new AI workflows. Your video is instantly transformed into text, so you can complete important tasks faster than ever. Easily record your screen and camera and record on any device using Loom’s Chrome extension, desktop app or mobile app.

Outsmart the undo button. Instead of restarting, rewind while you’re still recording to get the perfect take. After recording, dial in your video by trimming words from its transcript. With Loom, editing video is as easy as editing a text.

From Google Workspace to Slack, Loom videos seamlessly integrate with hundreds of tools you use every day.

Achieve your goals faster when you add tasks, CTAs, comments and emojis to your video. Transcripts and captions in 50+ languages enable remote teams to connect on their own time.

Enterprise-grade security to keep your data and your customer’s data private and secure. Loom offers SSO, SCIM as well as custom data retention policies and privacy settings.

Powerful features for easy, custom recordings

  • Screen and camera recording

  • Easy sharing and embedding

  • Trim and stitch video clips

  • Download and upload

  • Transcriptions and closed captions

  • Video privacy controls

  • Custom background

  • Video and viewer insights

Loom works wherever you do.

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