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The Only AI Productivity Platform Built for Sales, Product, Engineering, and Marketing




Onboard with Kroolo to get the work done smarter

Spend 60% less time

  • 80+ Product features

  • Workspace for everyone

  • Integration with 20+ Apps

  • Chat, Summarize, Generate anything

Kroolo is an advanced SaaS-based productivity platform. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools to manage multiple projects, tasks and documents at one central space. From workspace and project management to task automation and AI-powered automation, Kroolo helps you to streamline everything to save your time 10x.

Kroolo has deployed its homegrown AI Assistant ('Kroo AI'), for automating project/task creation, task management, goal management, doc creation and more. So, all you've to do is enter the prompt and get your work done!

Kroolo offers Smart and Integrated features packed into one platform. So, you don't have to switch between the tools and tabs. You can manage everything in one place – from project to task management, goal tracking, doc management and team collaboration.

You can customize workflows, automate processes, and even create personalized dashboards tailored to your team's unique requirements. You can even create & add members based on your needs

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