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An Integration Experience Your Users Will Love




Your software's integration layer. Create Integrations for your app that match your app's design and experience.

Your users expect your product to integrate elegantly with their tools.
Building and maintaining integrations are a time and resource suck.
Integry makes it easy and affordable for product teams to
deliver integrations that are as beautiful as their product.

Users Expect a First-rate UX. Integrations Are No Exception.

Integry makes it easy to give your users incredible Integration Experience. Here's what your users can do:

  • Discover Integrations on Your Marketplace

  • Users can explore available integrations, activate them from within your dedicated Integration Marketplace

  • Discover Integrations Inside Your App

  • Create Custom Integration

  • Monitor and Track Performance

Product Teams, Create Great Integration Experiences Easily

Integry helps product teams create integration experiences that mirror their product's own experience, using your app's own UI. Here's what product team members you can do:

  • Build Integration 'Wizards'. Without Code.

  • Build and preview integration experiences, with 100's of apps, with any degree of complexity.

  • Build and Customize Integration Marketplace for Users to Discover

  • Build Integrations to 100s of Apps, or Build Your Own App Connector

  • Analyze, Track and Debug

  • Embed Integrations Inside Your App

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Integry helps create SaaS integration experience that your users will love


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