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Hifive is a relationship-led growth platform for B2B teams to unlock warm introductions and foster relationships for solutions like sales, hiring, job search, partnerships, and fundraising—effortlessly.




It's time to face the dark truth: our oversaturated sales and marketing channels put all B2B companies in a tough spot.


Leveraging relationships to reach the people you need to grow your business can be challenging. You are stuck manually combing through mutual contacts, playing "email tennis," and measuring success in a spreadsheet.


That's why we've built Hifive — a browser extension that sits directly on top of LinkedIn for effortless introduction requests while automating email enrichment and delivery!


Features include:

  • Batch intro requests - request many intros at once via the Chrome extension
  • Data enrichment - Hifive will find the most appropriate email(s)
  • AI Assist - Leverage AI-powered messaging to craft the perfect intro
  • Templates - Build and manage intro request templates
  • Track and manage intros - never let another intro slip through the cracks.


Hifive works with LinkedIn's free version and LinkedIn's paid Sales Navigator accounts.


Break through the noise with introductions at scale, leveraging Hifive!

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