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GreenLink stands out due to its focus on energy retailers and utilities, ease of integration, user-friendly interface, local renewable energy source matching, and batch matching capability.




GreenLink by Blok-Z is an innovative blockchain-based solution designed to revolutionize the renewable energy sector. It seamlessly integrates with energy providers' systems to match hourly energy consumption with renewable sources. This process empowers utilities and retailers to accurately validate and report their source of sustainable energy, ensuring regulatory compliance and enhancing consumer trust.

GreenLink operates in real-time, offering transparent verification of energy origins. Leveraging blockchain technology, it ensures an accurate match between energy generation and consumption, effectively eliminating risks of double-counting or green-washing. This system matches energy production with consumption accurately, avoiding double-counting and green-washing.

Energy retailers equipped with GreenLink can offer their customers authentic, tailored digital energy services. Users of these services can select renewable sources based on specific criteria, track the origin of their energy in real-time, and utilize automated sustainability tools. For energy providers, GreenLink is a catalyst for unlocking new revenue channels through value-added services, fostering customer choice and transparency, and enhancing customer acquisition and retention, bolstering trust in their green energy offerings.

With the increasing focus on sustainability and the demand for transparent renewable energy sources, GreenLink positions itself as a key player in the evolving energy sector, strategically positioned for growth to meet the global demand for transparency and sustainability in energy consumption.

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