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GoodBarber is a no-code App Builder.

It's the perfect solution to create your native apps for iOS and Android and Progressive Web Apps.

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GoodBarber is the first No Code App Builder ruled by a Design System. Offer your users the best experience on mobile, like the pros. Your iOS and Android native apps will always conform to the best practices in UI and UX, leading to higher engagement and profits.

Never publish an app with a deceptive user experience

GoodBarber puts the user at the center of the design process. It’s the first App Builder to have created a Design System, a set of rules applied by default to every page you create in your app. Designers’ methods and tools have evolved considerably over the years. GoodBarber has integrated them into it’s no-code tool. It empowers you to guarantee a smooth and optimal user experience in your app.

Following our design system, you maintain visual consistency across all the pages of your app

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