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Create forms, collect form submissions, and automate workflows with powerful integrations. Experience the best free-form builder. Totally free & no coding is required.

Building forms made easy’s easy-to-use online form creator lets you create a beautiful web form in no time. Whether you need to create contact forms and registration forms for a landing page or an online order form for your business, you will no longer need to spend hours working on forms.

Customized forms work wonders

Did you know that good-looking forms are more likely to convert more responses than ordinary ones? On, you can customize your form design to the tiniest detail and match your brand image with your forms.

Share your forms anywhere

You can share your forms anywhere using their unique weblink or embed them on your landing pages seamlessly. Furthermore, you can adjust your form’s privacy settings in order to reach the targeted audience and prevent others from viewing your form.

Review collected data

You can review your form responses in different ways such as a spreadsheet format or an email inbox format. Furthermore, you will be able to see tons of useful statistics about your data thanks to’s advanced analytics section!

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