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Eyer is a cutting-edge, AI-powered observability platform that seamlessly integrates into existing technology landscapes via APIs. It provides real-time anomaly detection and actionable insights, enabling efficient IT operations and system monitoring

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Eyer is a leading AI-powered observability platform that seamlessly integrates with existing technology systems through Open APIs. Its cloud-hosted and headless design provides unmatched flexibility, allowing Eyer to adapt to various environments with ease. Eyer excels at identifying anomalies in real-time data, using sophisticated algorithms to detect and address issues before they impact system performance. The platform supports data ingestion from a wide array of sources, including Influx Telegraf and Prometheus, covering over 300 different technologies. This comprehensive monitoring capability ensures that Eyer can provide deep insights into the health and performance of IT systems. Eyer’s ability to integrate with third-party tools like Grafana, Boomi, and Power BI further enhances its utility, allowing organizations to leverage existing platforms for actionable insights. By automating the detection and resolution of anomalies, Eyer significantly reduces the time and effort required for IT operations. Its open architecture also supports the development of custom integrations, enabling developers to create new connectors and extend Eyer’s capabilities. Eyer’s partner-first strategy focuses on delivering tailored solutions through close collaboration with sales partners. Starting at just $299 per month, Eyer provides a scalable and cost-effective solution for enhancing IT observability and operational efficiency.

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