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The ultimate time tracking solution for no-code developers, which works automatically with your favourite no-code apps. It allows you to manage projects cashflow, generate reports and access all of these data through open API.




Cluee was built for No-Code Agencies and Freelancers to help them boost productivity with automatic time tracking. Cluee allows you to automatically track time spent on your no-code projects, sync project tasks and notes and generate reports for clients. You can access all the data through the dashboard or integrate with your current tools using our API.


We offer "out of the box" integration with the most popular no-code apps through the Chrome Extension. And you can always add additional, external apps you use to track as a part of your project. Imagine having a backend with XANO or Supabase, project website with Webflow, and a design in Figma. You can connect them all to track using the project panel in your settings.

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