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Claude is a family of foundational AI models that can be used in a variety of applications. You can talk directly with Claude at to brainstorm ideas, analyze images, and process long documents. For developers and businesses, you can now get API access and build directly on top of our AI infrastructure.

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Advanced reasoning

Claude can perform complex cognitive tasks that go beyond simple pattern recognition or text generation

Vision analysis

Transcribe and analyze almost any static image, from handwritten notes and graphs, to photographs

Code generation

Start creating websites in HTML and CSS, turning images into structured JSON data, or debugging complex code bases

Multilingual processing

Translate between various languages in real-time, practice grammar, or create multi-lingual content

The Claude 3 family of models offers the best combination of speed and performance for enterprise use cases, at a lower cost than other models on the market.

  • Haiku - Our fastest model that can execute lightweight actions, with industry-leading speed.

  • Sonnet - Our best combination of performance and speed for efficient, high-throughput tasks

  • Opus - Our most intelligent model, which can handle complex analysis, longer tasks with multiple steps, and high-order match and coding tasks

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