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Cloud Hosting Platform - AI-powered Business, Work, Study Assistant & Website Chat Widget. Chat with a Private AI Knowledge Base, PDF, DOC, CSV, etc. documents.

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Overview AI Chatbot - AI-powered Business, Work, Study Assistant & Website Chat Widget.

  • Chat with Private AI Knowledge Base - Increase daily work efficiency, by having an AI assistant, who knows everything about your business & competitors, your work or studies...

  • Save time & money on customer support. Drive more sales, by letting AI interact with potential customers 24/7, via Website Chat Widget. Train AI with your Website data & other documentation!


🔜 Understand your customers better with AI-powered Feedback, Voting, and Survey Widgets!


🔜 Chat with the latest OpenAI models, and get answers to any question with up-to-date information. Our Chatbot is trained with 10000+ best business, work, study, etc. prompts.


We are working constantly on improving our Software capabilities. Here are some of the applications that ChatHelp supports:

  • Supported file formats: pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, csv, json, epub, mp3, jpg, jpeg, png

  • WordPress Plugin

  • Youtube Transcripts

  • Analyze Yelp Reviews

🔜 Zapier Connection

🔜 Shopify Plugin

🔜 Notion, ZenDesk, Hubspot, Trello,, Slack, Gmail & Google Documents support.


+40 Languages

Ability to understand and answer queries related to your documents in different languages.

Provide customer support to international website visitors, without a need for a large support team.


Create an AI-powered Website Chat Widget

Easy Integration & Customization. Create a custom-trained AI support chatbot using your own website content, support documents, product or service descriptions & user guidelines, PDFs, etc.


Take over AI-driven Chat

No need to fully rely on AI, you can take over Live conversation at any time. Automatically collect leads, by having custom lead capture messages within a Chat Widget!


Provide quick & personalized responses

That answers your visitor's exact questions, where the ‘search box’ would fail.


Faster response times, and 24/7 customer support!

To simple & complex customer inquiries - reduce costs & workload on Live customer support agents.


Create a Custom AI-powered Knowledge Base

Securely share it within your business, or create a public knowledge base, of any kind.

Increase Business Efficiency


Reduce time spent on various daily tasks, that require looking up information on vast amounts of internal & external documentation


Understand Your Data Better

Improve your work & research process, employee training, .etc - Use AI-powered chat in any department of your business, where data is key.


Many Supported Data Formats

Load your .PDF, .DOCX, .CSV files, or paste the raw text. Connect with your favorite apps like - Slack, Gmail, Notion, Google Documents, and many more.

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