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CANVID for Windows

CANVID for Windows

Next generation AI powered screen recorder

Video Editing



Capture, enhance and share your screen recordings with Canvid! Smooth mouse movements, automatic zooms, cinematic motion blur and beautiful backgrounds. Great for creating high quality demos, tutorials and promo videos.

Capture anything

Record your entire screen, specific windows, or even mobile content (coming soon). Perfect for tutorials, demos, and more!

Zoom it in!

Automatic or manual zoom that highlights key areas in your recordings. Ideal for presentations, games, and educational videos!

Export your way

Save your videos locally, upload to the cloud, or share them with a link. Choose MP4, GIF, and more! Adjust quality from standard to stunning 4K.

AI Enhanced Voice

Speak with confidence knowing our AI voice enhancement will ensure everything sounds crystal clear.

Edit without hassle

Crop, change layout, and zoom for polished recordings with minimal effort or knowledge required. Perfect for creating impactful content.

Captions in a click

Highlight words, creating easy-to-follow transcripts for better learning and improved accessibility.

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