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Our Scheduling App is the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to streamline their scheduling process and avoid conflicts. With our powerful features and user-friendly interface, you can easily manage your appointments, meetings, and tasks all in one place.




  • Recurring Appointments

  • Best for scheduling recurring appointments on a regular basis at the same time each week or month. It's ideal for businesses that have ongoing client or team meetings, such as consulting firms or marketing

  • One time appointments

  • Perfect for scheduling a single meeting or appointment, without the need for recurring dates. It's ideal for businesses that offer one-time services, such as a lawyer or a photographer scheduling a client

  • Group Appointments

  • Best suited for scheduling meetings or appointments with multiple people. It's ideal for businesses that have group training sessions or team meetings, such as a fitness studio or a marketing team

  • Event as a Service

  • Set up your event template with a price and duration, publish it to your booking page, and voila! Your clients can now schedule appointments with just a few clicks. Plus, we'll send you automated e-mail reminders

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