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Bright Data is the World's #1
Web Data Platform




A global leader in Web Data, Bright Data enables businesses to collect public
web data efficiently, convert unstructured data to structured data effortlessly,
and provide exceptional customer service.

Bright Data provides companies, academic institutions, and small businesses
with the most efficient, reliable, and flexible way to retrieve public web data.
By monitoring and analyzing the data provided, they can make better

With Web Scraper IDE, developers can create fast and scalable scrapers.
The IDE includes code templates and ready-made functions from major
websites, reducing development time (by 75%) and ensuring infinite
There is no need for infrastructure maintenance, proxies, and anti-blocking
software thanks to Web Scraper IDE - all these features are already at the
base of Bright Data’s solutions technology as Web Scraper IDE is built on
Bright Data’s unblocking proxy infrastructure. 

If instead you need pre-collected sets of data, Bright Data also provides easily
accessible, structured, and accurate datasets for any use case.
Datasets can be filtered into subsets, for a cost-effective, timesaving
solution. When a dataset isn't available in Bright Data's marketplace,
custom datasets can be built to suit specific business requirements. 

Start collecting data at scale today

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