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Embed a SEO-optimized blog into your website or website builder page with a code snippet.

Website Builders



Quick & easy integration with your existing website. Works with any website and landing page builder, shop system, and custom website.

The blog automatically inherits your CSS styling and adjusts to your existing design.

Takes over your existing branding and design. SEO-optimized at core.

Comes out of the box with SEO optimization and beautiful templates.

Automagically beautiful

No more designer or developer needed. Integrates in 3 minutes and automagically takes over your existing website design and style. And if any changes are needed, use the editor or ask support.

SEO-optimized at its core

Built-in SEO tools optimize your content and provide you with improvement suggestions. Helps with ranking higher and getting more website visitors.

Writer-friendly interface

Made for content writers, marketers and non-techies alike. Our editor is intuitive at heart to minimize any learning curve. Publish your first blog post in minutes.

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