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Blits is the low-code Conversational AI Ecosystem which combines the AI power of Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, IBM, Rasa, Wit, Amazon, Stanford, Nuance and more in one platform.




Blits is a comprehensive and cutting-edge low-code Conversational AI Ecosystem. It brings together the formidable AI capabilities of renowned tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, IBM, Rasa, Wit, Amazon, Stanford, Nuance, and many more into a single platform.

With Blits, you can effortlessly build, train, deploy, and benchmark chatbots and voice bots at scale, catering to any type of use case. The platform provides a streamlined and intuitive interface, enabling you to focus on crafting a bot with the perfect tone of voice for your target audience.

One of the key advantages of Blits is its ability to optimize the underlying AI technology automatically. With the 'Blits Automate' feature, you can ensure that your bots always stay ahead of the competition by leveraging the latest combination of AI technologies specifically tailored to your unique use case. This automation feature continuously evaluates and updates your bot's AI technology stack, providing you with the most effective and efficient conversational AI capabilities without requiring manual intervention.

By leveraging Blits, you can revolutionize your customer support, streamline your business operations, and enhance user experiences through intelligent and natural interactions. Whether you're aiming to develop a chatbot for customer service, sales, or any other application, Blits empowers you to leverage the collective power of leading AI technologies without the complexities typically associated with integration and optimization.

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