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Alleva provides an EMR platform that delivers evidence-based treatment modalities for behavioral health.



Alleva's EMR software solution offers the latest technology to therapists, improves the quality of their work, and relieves stress. The intuitive, user-friendly platform eases the workflow for those providing care. The EMR dashboard is task-based. If you have notes that need to be saved and signed, you don't need to go into each client chart to find what needs to be completed. When you log in for the day, you will see everything that needs to be completed. It also integrates with surveys to track treatment results and program improvement areas. Alleva auto-populates ICD-10 codes, and behavioral definitions can be customized to create a client-specific treatment plan. The solution is able to record patients' vitals and facilitates medication management. They offer ePrescribe. Customizable alerts can be set up for other users and clients via email or text. Users have the option to customize intake forms as well. Additional notable features include built-in telehealth, a robust CRM, a client portal, mobile app. Alleva is mobile-friendly, so clinicians are able to work from anywhere and dictate their notes from their mobile devices. Insights is an advanced reporting tool that is fully customizable and makes reporting a breeze. With dedicated support available at every step, Alleva's friendly EMR leads the way in behavioral health.

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