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Wix Studio Crash Course for Beginners ⎸ 2024

Updated: Jun 17

Introduction to Wix Studio 🎨

Wix Studio is an innovative platform designed for freelance web designers and design agencies. It allows users to create complex, responsive websites with advanced interactions without writing any code.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to navigate the Wix Studio interface and utilize its powerful AI tools to build a responsive site in just a few clicks.

The Wix Studio Interface 🖥️

The Wix Studio editor is intuitive and user-friendly. The main components include the canvas, toolbar, and various panels.

In the center, you’ll find the canvas, which by default contains a header, footer, and an empty section.

At the top, the toolbar provides access to different breakpoints, allowing you to preview your project on various devices like desktop, tablet, and mobile.

wix studio interface

Adding and Managing Elements 🧩

The left side of the editor features panels for adding elements, managing layers, and navigating pages.

The “Add Elements” panel includes essential building blocks like images, text layers, paragraphs, and buttons. Pre-built sections and customizable assets are also available.

The “Layers” panel displays the structure of your page, similar to design tools like Figma. It helps you organize and manage the hierarchy of your elements.

Creating Pages and Global Sections 📄

In the “Pages” panel, you can add new pages to your project. Simply click the plus icon, name your page, and it will appear in the list.

creating pages and global sections

The “Global Sections” panel is for reusable components like headers and footers. Changes made to these sections will be applied across all instances on different pages.

Design System and App Market 🎨

The “Styles” panel allows you to save typography and color styles, effectively creating your design system. You can customize existing color palettes or create new ones.

The “App Market” panel offers various Wix Studio apps that can add complex functionalities to your project. These apps enhance the capabilities of your website.

design system and app market

Content Management and Custom Code 🧑‍💻

The “CMS” panel lets you create content collections that can be dynamically populated across different elements of your page.

The “Code” panel is for developers who need custom solutions. You can write code to add more functionalities to your project, making it highly versatile.

content management and custom code

Using the Inspector Tool 🔍

The inspector tool on the right side allows you to control various properties of selected elements. You can adjust size, responsive behavior, color, layout, and position.

The “Interactions” panel within the inspector lets you add complex interactions like scroll and hover effects to your project.

using the inspector tool

Building a Responsive Hero Section 🏗️

To create a responsive hero section for a motion design studio, start by removing the default header and adding a pre-built header from the “Add Elements” panel.

Customize the header by changing the business name and color, and add menu items if needed. The pre-built elements are responsive by default.

building a responsive hero section

Next, divide the empty section into two columns. Add content to the left box, including a header, description, and a “Contact Us” button. Group these elements into a stack for better control over spacing.

On the right side, add a video using the “Add Media” option. Choose a video from the Wix library or upload your own.

building a responsive hero section

Adjusting Responsive Behavior 📱

Ensure that your hero section is responsive. For the left content, change the responsive behavior to “wrap” instead of “scale proportionately.” This ensures better readability on smaller screens.

Adjust font sizes and padding for different breakpoints (tablet and mobile) to maintain a consistent and user-friendly design.

adjusting responsive behavior

Final Touches and Preview 🔍

Make sure to align your content properly and add breathing room around elements for a clean look. Use the “Equalize Horizontally” option for equal container heights.

final touches and preview

Preview your project on different devices to ensure everything looks good. Once satisfied, publish your project and choose between a free Wix Studio domain or a custom domain.


Conclusion 🎉

Wix Studio offers powerful tools and an intuitive interface for creating responsive and complex websites. By following this guide, you can efficiently build a professional website without writing any code.

Explore the various features and panels to unlock the full potential of Wix Studio. Happy designing!



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