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What’s New in Wix Studio

Updated: Mar 5

Wix Studio has been busy this past month with updates and releases that are sure to help you level up and evolve with the latest tech trends. That’s where Wix Studio steps in, not just as a tool, but as your creative partner in this journey. Recently, they’ve rolled out some pretty exciting features that we can’t wait to dive into with you. Imagine being able to control your CMS with a single tool, or adding that personal touch to your website with customizable forms and captivating mouse effects. Sounds intriguing, right?

First up, for those of us who love a good behind-the-scenes tool, controlling what shows up on your live site from the CMS is now easier than ever. It’s all about giving you the reins to manage your content effectively and creatively. Then, we’ll get our hands dirty (figuratively, of course) with the studio editor, exploring how to add and tweak forms to fit your style and needs. But it’s not just about functionality; it’s about flair too. That’s why we’re also going to look at the mouse parallax effects, adding that layer of depth and interaction that keeps visitors engaged.

Let's explore these latest updates from Wix Studio together.

CMS: Controlling live site item visibility from your collection

This feature allows you to be more in control of what goes live on your site. Manage the visibility of items on your live site easily by utilizing the "Control item visibility" feature in your collection settings. Simply enable this option and you gain the ability to toggle individual items between "Visible" and "Hidden" statuses. This not only applies to current items but also allows you to set default visibility for new additions, with the option to schedule future visibility changes.

Once activated, a "Status" field appears within your collection, where you can directly adjust the visibility of each item. Items marked as "Visible" integrate seamlessly with your live site through connected datasets, while "Hidden" items remain invisible, ensuring full control over your site's content presentation. To modify an item's status, navigate to the CMS section of your site's dashboard, select your collection, and then choose the desired visibility setting for each item.

Mouse Effects: Mouse Parallax

This new effect in the Studio Editor allows you to create interactive and engaging sites with just a few clicks. There are 6 effects to choose from - Tilt 3D, Track, Skew 3D, Obscure, Swivel, and Airy.

To bring your web elements to life with engaging mouse effects, start by selecting the element you wish to animate. Then, access the Inspector panel by clicking the icon located at the top right of the editor. Within the panel, navigate to the "Animations and Effects" tab and select "Mouse Effects" before hitting the "+ Add" button to explore the available effects. If you wish to further refine the animation, the "Adjust Animation" option at the bottom allows you to customize aspects such as direction, distance, and easing to achieve the desired impact.

For a more tailored animation, after applying a mouse effect, you can adjust its behavior to match your vision. Whether you're aiming for a subtle nuance or a bold statement, settings like distance, direction, speed, and easing provide the flexibility needed. To edit an existing mouse effect, simply select the element again, open the Inspector panel, and under the "Animations and Effects" tab, choose the effect you want to modify. The "Adjust Animation" feature offers detailed control, enabling you to specify the movement's direction, the effect's velocity, the axis of movement, the easing transition, and even the perspective to create a more pronounced 3D illusion.

Adding and Customizing a Form

Say goodbye to using a third-party form builder for your Wix Studio sites. You can create unique and customizable forms directly in Wix Studio’s Studio Editor.

Creating a dynamic and engaging form in Wix Studio is straightforward and flexible, allowing you to incorporate various field types such as multiple-choice, checkboxes, and drop-downs. The new layout options also enable you to organize your form with columns, titles, and sections for a polished look.

To start building your form, simply head to the Studio Editor and use the intuitive drag-and-drop form builder. This way, you can craft your form seamlessly alongside your site content without interruption. Here’s how:

1. In the Studio Editor, select "Add Elements" from the left sidebar and then choose "Contact & Forms."

2. Opt to "Create New Form" and drag the desired form element onto your page. You can also pick from pre-designed templates for various purposes like contact, subscription, or order forms.

3. Click on your form to edit, and in the form builder, hit the Edit icon to name your form for internal reference.

4. Add your desired fields under "Add form fields," with options ranging from contact details to general queries, and even date fields for scheduling.

5. For a more customized experience, you can tweak individual fields to make them mandatory or adjust their settings as needed.

Enhance your form’s functionality by incorporating rules for conditional responses or adding multiple pages to keep your form organized. Ensure each page has a submit button to allow easy navigation for your visitors.

Finally, give your form a personalized touch by customizing its design. Adjust everything from the background color and button style to the font and field appearance directly in the form settings. This ensures your form not only functions well but also blends seamlessly with your site's aesthetic.


Wix Studio's latest updates offer an exciting array of features to empower users with more control, creativity, and engagement on their websites. From the enhanced CMS capabilities that allow for precise content visibility management to the innovative mouse parallax effects that add a layer of interactive depth, Wix Studio is clearly dedicated to evolving alongside the latest web design trends. Check out these new features and discover how they can transform your website into a more powerful, personalized, and engaging experience.


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