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Validating Start-up Ideas with No Code MVP

Updated: Jan 5

Validating your start-up ideas is important to help you understand your target market. It gives you an idea if your product will fill the need gap in the market. Using a minimum viable product (MVP) is a great step in validating your new business. An MVP allows you to test your presumptions, receive feedback, and make data-based decisions. How to validate a business idea for your new business depends on several things.

Understand why you need to validate the idea for a startup

Every new business needs to validate its product ideas. Data by Microsoft shows 137,000 new businesses emerge daily. Most of them might have the same idea as yours. Validating product ideas is the best way to go. When you start with validation, you will not waste your money investing in ideas that will not sell. It is another way to create confidence in the investors you want to approach. Your financiers will have confidence and you too will be sure about your products.

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Understand what MVP is

MVP stands for a minimum viable product. It is a technique used for validating product ideas by businesses. MVP targets a few people from your target market to test if your product will solve their needs. When you build an MVP, you avoid making costly mistakes that other start-ups make. It allows you to build a user-centric product, and gain market differentiation.

Select the right no-code tools for MVP

No-code tools allow you to take your product through development phases without requiring an expert. It offers you a quick launch of your startup ideas. Here are tips to help you choose the right no-code tools for MVP.

Know your startup needs

Every product idea differs from another. Validating them might have different needs. Choose a tool that meets your needs and understand its scalability capabilities.

Know your budget

As a startup, it would be best to avoid stretching your budget too much. Different no-code tools offer you different pricing models. Choose a model that is within your budget.

Know your customization and flexibility needs

Most no-code tools come with tailor-made templates and customization options. Decide how far you want to customize and the flexibility you need.

Understand the tool’s integration capabilities and community support

Select a no-code tool that is compatible with a variety of systems. Find out if there is a sizable online community that supports the tool.

How startups benefit from no-code tools

You may create startup software using no-code programs without writing any code. The platforms have drag-and-drop capabilities that are pre-built. The use of no-code for startup has multiple advantages.

No requirement to employ professionals. You don't require an application development team.

Quickest approach to create apps. With No-code, you can create apps in a matter of hours thanks to drag-and-drop functionality.

Changing your audience of choice is simple. You may easily and affordably change the target demographic for your audience.

It's simple to use. Anyone with no coding experience can create robust programs by learning no-code.

Scaling and maintenance at a low cost. You don't need time-consuming, expensive testing or updating procedures.

Steps involved in the development of no-code MVP

There are many platforms you can use to develop no-code MVP for your startup. Here are the simple steps to follow.

Create the product idea and research

Research to know the market gap you want to fill. Investigate whether and how competitors are resolving the same issue. Investigate the characteristics of the consumers who will purchase your goods.

Create your product features

Your no-code MVP development requires features for it to work. The features should fill the market gap and solve customer pain points. Ensure every feature is functional.

Create your product metrics

Metrics will help you decide if the product is worth it once you launch your MVP. You need to analyze its success to get data for total downloads, engagement level, and customer lifetime value.

Describe your product

Explain the pain points your product will solve and how to use the product. Explain in detail how each feature will address the problems.

Select a no-code software

To launch your idea validation, you need a no-code platform. Choose a platform that will meet your needs.

Which start-ups have used no-code MVP in the past?

Many new businesses have used no-code platforms in the past. They use them to develop their applications and websites. Here are a few notable no-code startups.

FiveTeams (started 2021)

It is a popular network for connecting brands and job seekers. It was created without using any code. The brand was established in 2021. Already, it has generated 30k organic visitors and $100,000 in revenue.

Swipe Files (started 2020)

Swipe Files offers top-notch SaaS marketing training to support organizations. Already, the platform is being used by more than 500 businesses. It has more than 5,000 members. It was created in 2020 without any code.

Jomor Design

Jomor Design produces stunning landing page designs. They transform underperforming websites into popular ones. It was started in late 2020 and is a no code platform. The platform has created a large number of attractive websites.


No-code Startups can leverage the high flexibility of MVP and affordability. It makes product idea development and launching for validation easy. Validating product ideas helps startups not to strain their capital on products that will not sell. It increases chances for product success and reaches potential customers.



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Shon Milly
Shon Milly
Sep 23, 2023

I have a great idea for a startup, but I need database skills to implement it. Can you recommend a service to which I can delegate it? I will be very grateful.

Art West
Art West
Sep 23, 2023
Replying to

Try Xano or Deskree!

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