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SugarCRM Vs Salesforce

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

As a company's customers are its most valuable asset, managing its relationships with them is crucial to its marketing efforts. Because of the importance of maintaining positive customer relationships, customer relationship management (CRM) software has become a hot topic in the business world.

However, due to the availability of many CRM programs, the decision-making process is fraught with intrigue and complexity.

You have probably heard of Salesforce if you have been researching customer relationship management systems for your company. There's no denying its importance; the question is whether or not it's the best option for your company.

The digital market now features new entrants as well. Sugar by SugarCRM is an effective alternative to Salesforce. Sugar's popularity is growing due to the product's increasing demand from satisfied consumers.

Choosing the best customer relationship management (CRM) system is crucial to the growth and success of any business, which is why the SugarCRM vs. Salesforce argument has arisen.

Therefore, let's pause for a moment of reflection and begin by thinking about the factors that typically influence businesses' decisions regarding CRM and compare both of those factors.

SugarCRM Vs Salesforce: Comparison

SugarCRM Vs Salesforce
SugarCRM Vs Salesforce

1. Consumer Experience

Salesforce has set the benchmark in the business world since its creation. Businesses would jump at the chance to use such a dependable CRM solution with few extra features.

On the other hand, Salesforce is not perfect. Salesforce has a lot of complexity, hidden expenses, and poor management tools. In addition, consumers have less control over the implementation and upkeep of the system because Salesforce is based on a closed-source platform.

But Sugar's open-source design allows for more incredible innovation and customization than Salesforce's. It can adapt more quickly to the specific necessities of various companies.

It simplifies the integration of a company's customer-facing business operations, allowing for more robust, more profitable connections between businesses and their clientele.

For instance, Sugar may coordinate your business's advertising and selling efforts so that each consumer receives the same message at every stage. You can tailor your CRM to your specific requirements and have several deployments, hosting, and improvement options to select from. Businesses love Sugar because it offers them more customization choices and flexibility.

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2. Configurability

The ability to tailor and integrate SugarCRM has been directly linked to a rise in revenue for several companies. Developers may look into the source code of Sugar and modify or change everything they need to make the system work for their specific business.

Because of this, Sugar provides far more value and management capabilities to the company than Salesforce.

That's not to imply, however, that Salesforce is entirely immutable and unchangeable. Because Salesforce is very adaptable, it can be set up to fit the specific needs of the company that will be using it.

In addition, Salesforce extends the capabilities of the CRM by providing a selection of cloud solutions tailored to the specific requirements of organizations operating in different sectors. Most of the time, cloud solutions help businesses, but they can't compare to open-source CRMs like Sugar regarding customization and integration flexibility.

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3. Sales

SugarCRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) software created to assist organizations in handling their clients across the customer journey.

Each sales agent may access information (accounts, tasks, goods, etc.) via a custom homepage that can be accessed on-premise, online, or via native mobile apps.

The standard capabilities of lead routing, forecasting, and quotation management support the main feature of contact and account management.

Contact and business opportunity management are at the heart of Salesforce's Sales Cloud. It's made to assist sales associates in maintaining productivity from any electronic device, be it a desktop computer, a mobile phone, or a wristwatch.

Your team can work together on projects, topics, and sales prospects with Salesforce Chatter's centralized news feed and business social network.

4. Marketing

SugarCRM stands out as the best CRM software available, mainly because of the built-in marketing features it offers. Drip campaigns, online forms, lead routing, email marketing, a landing page builder, newsletters, and campaign dashboards are just some of the marketing tools available in all three Sugar versions. You may not receive all the bells and whistles of a specialized platform, but Sugar provides more than enough marketing automation features.

The Marketing Cloud is where you'll find the vast majority of Salesforce's promotional resources, including but not limited to lead management and related functions (ExactTarget, Social Studio,, and Pardot).

You'll have to shell out some more cash, but in exchange, you'll have access to unique tools like predictive intelligence, social listening, lead scoring, and return on investment monitoring. SugarCRM's in-house tools for marketing automation are inferior to those of ExactTarget and Pardot.

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5. Support

The membership cost for SugarCRM includes access to the developer blog, a credential program, and a support portal with community forums, live online lectures, webinars, and more. Purchase access to premium, live, online training courses.

Salesforce's subscription costs include access to a community forum, a knowledge base, and an online support center. Access to a dedicated success representative and content to increase user adoption and productivity is free.

6. Pricing

The pricing of each CRM is a crucial factor to consider when deciding between SugarCRM and Salesforce. Similar to other premium software, SugarCRM and Salesforce have tiers with increasingly expensive capabilities.

The cheapest Salesforce Edition is the Contact Manager, at just $5 per user per month. The most expensive, with infinite features, is $300 per person per month.

However, to augment its minimal support and marketing functions, Salesforce Sales Cloud requires two extra apps: Service Cloud and ExactTarget Marketing Cloud. CRM software explicitly tailored to the needs of nonprofit organizations is also available from Salesforce.

You can subscribe to SugarCRM for as minimum as $49 per user per month to as maximum as $85 per user per month.

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7. Modalities For Deployment

Some users are having trouble deciding between SugarCRM, and Salesforce may find their solution in the deployment options provided by each CRM. When comparing Salesforce with Sugar, it's important to note that SugarCRM has a multi-tenant architecture, while Salesforce is installed in a single-tenant way (where everyone uses one URL).

Even though there is no tangible benefit, Sugar may be installed locally because it supports many tenants. Since Salesforce can only be used in a single-tenant cloud environment, getting a license to run the program on your own servers is technically impossible.


SugarCRM Vs Salesforce
SugarCRM Vs Salesforce

So, which CRM is the best for your business? The answer to that question depends on what you need. SugarCRM is probably your best bet if you’re looking for a system that offers excellent consumer experiences and much reconfigurability.

However, if you’re more interested in sales and marketing features or have a lot of data to store, Salesforce may be the better option. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which CRM will work best for your company. Thanks for reading our comparison of SugarCRM vs Salesforce!

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