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How To Send A Test Email In Mailchimp

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Sending test emails is an important part of email marketing. It allows you to check how your email will look in different email clients, and it also helps you to verify that all of your links are working properly. In this blog post, we will show you how to send a test email in Mailchimp. We will also provide some tips for ensuring that your test emails are as accurate as possible. Let's get started.

What Is A Test Email And Why Should You Send One?

A test email is an email message sent to a designated recipient to test whether the email system is working correctly. The purpose of a test email is to ensure that the message can be delivered successfully and that the recipient can receive and read it. To send a test email, the sender simply creates a new message and enters the recipient's email address in the To field.

The message can be left blank or can contain any text. Once the message is sent, the sender should check the inbox of the designated recipient to see if the message has been received and can be read. If the message is not received or cannot be read, this may indicate a problem with the email system that will need to be further investigated.

Sending test emails is a great way to check that your email is working properly and that your recipients will be able to see your message. It can also help you to test different versions of your email, or to see how your email looks on different devices. If you are sending a test email to yourself, you can simply check the "send test email" box in your email program.

However, if you are sending a test email to someone else, it is important to use an email address that they will recognize. This will ensure that they do not mistake your test email for spam. You should also include a brief message in the body of the email so that the recipient knows that it is a test. Sending test emails is a great way to ensure that your messages are getting through and that your recipients can see them.

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How To Send A Test Email In Mailchimp

Before you launch your next email campaign, it's important to test your message to make sure it looks and sounds the way you want it to. Luckily, Mailchimp makes it easy to send test emails. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to your Mailchimp account and open the campaign you want to test.

2. In the "To" field at the top of the page, enter the email addresses you want to receive your test email. You can add multiple addresses by separating them with commas.

3. Scroll down to the "Send Test" section and click the "Send Test" button.

4. A pop-up window will appear with a preview of your test email. To send the test, click the "Send Test" button again.

5. That's it! You should receive your test email within a few minutes. Check it over carefully to make sure everything looks and sounds the way you want it to.

Sending test emails is a quick and easy way to make sure your campaigns are looking and sounding their best before you hit the "send" button for real. So take a few minutes to test your message before you launch your next campaign - your recipients will appreciate getting a polished, professional-looking email from you.

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Tips For Ensuring the Accuracy Of Your Test Emails

If you're like most people, you probably send out a lot of test emails before you hit the send button on your real email. After all, you want to make sure everything looks perfect before your recipients see it. But how can you be sure that your test emails are actually accurate? Here are seven tips to help you ensure the accuracy of your test emails:

  • Use an email testing tool: There are a number of different email testing tools available, and using one can help to ensure that your test emails are accurate. By running your test emails through a tool, you can check for things like spelling and grammatical errors, ensure that all links are working, and test how the email will look on different devices.

  • Send test emails to yourself: One simple way to test the accuracy of your test emails is to send them to yourself. This way, you can open the email on different devices and in different browsers to see how it looks. You can also click on all the links to make sure they're working properly.

  • Use an inbox preview tool: Inbox preview tools allow you to see how your email will look when it arrives in someone's inbox. This can be a helpful way to catch any potential errors before you send out your real email.

  • Test different email clients: It's important to test your email in different email clients, as they can render HTML differently. Some common email clients include Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook. By testing different clients, you can get a better idea of how your email will look for everyone who receives it.

  • Use A/B testing: A/B testing is a method of testing two versions of an email (Version A and Version B) to see which performs better. This is a great way to test things like subject lines, images, and even the length of your emails. By sending out two versions of your test email and tracking the results, you can determine which version is more accurate.

  • Check Your Stats: Once you've sent out your test email, be sure to check your stats (opens, clicks, etc.) so that you can gauge its effectiveness. This information can help you fine-tune your real email before you send it out.

  • Get Feedback from Others: Finally, don't forget to get feedback from others who receive your test emails. Their feedback can be invaluable in helping you create an accurate and successful final product.

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Things To Keep In Mind When Sending A Test Email?

First, remember that not everyone's email inbox is set up the same way, so what looks good in your inbox may not look so good in someone else's. This is especially true for images - some people have their email clients set up to automatically download images, while others have to manually select them (and still others have image blocking turned on altogether). So when crafting your test emails, be sure to include alternate text for any images, just in case they don't show up properly.

Second, consider using an alias (or multiple aliases) when sending test emails. That way, if any of the messages end up in someone's spam folder, your real address won't get flagged as being associated with spammy content.

Finally, don't forget to proofread! Even if it's just a test email, there's no reason why it shouldn't be error-free. Typos and grammatical errors can make you look sloppy and unprofessional, so take the time to proofread before hitting "send."

Sending test emails can be a great way to fine-tune your messaging and/or improve your Email deliverability rate before rolling out changes to your entire list. By following the tips above, you can ensure that your test emails are as effective as possible - and avoid any embarrassing gaffes in the process!


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