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How To Merge Accounts In Salesforce?

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

The horrifying reality that almost every company will, at some point, come to terms with is that they have a significant quantity of identical records. Users experience a wide variety of problems as a result of duplicates.

This challenge can be very damaging to sales operations and users' confidence in their system. Some examples of the damage this challenge can cause include inaccurate reporting, double work on the same account, and different sales reps working on the same lead.

When leadership finally becomes aware that there is the same problem, in most cases, the issue has already become so pervasive that it frustrates users and managers.

It's time to call in some help from an experienced Salesforce user to save the day.

Salesforce is a trusty CRM tool that countless small and large businesses rely on to keep track of their customer data. Although it offers many features and customization options, knowing how to use Salesforce correctly can take time and effort.

How To Merge Accounts In Salesforce
How To Merge Accounts In Salesforce?

In this blog post will show you how to merge accounts in Salesforce. This handy feature can help you clean up your data and improve your workflow. Let's get started!

How Can We Merge Duplicate Accounts In Salesforce Classic?

When using Salesforce Classic, merging duplicate accounts is a process that is simple and uncomplicated. This section will include a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough of the task.

Step #1

Navigate to the "Accounts" tab on this page, and then click the "Merge Accounts" button, which can be found in the Tools area at the bottom. You may not have the necessary permissions if you cannot locate the "Merge Accounts" option in that section.

Step #2

Search for the account in question by providing the company name for which you suspect a duplicate exists. Salesforce will look for accounts with company names that are similar to other accounts.

Step #3

Make your selections for the accounts you want to combine by utilizing the checkboxes. You have the option of choosing between up to three distinct accounts. Then proceed to click "Next." If you have more than three identical records, you must execute this process numerous times and combine the information until you get to the "master record" you want.

Step #4

Choose the account you want to serve as the "master record," also known as the primary record into which all the other duplicate accounts will be merged. In this section, you will also select the fields from each record you want to keep for future use.

Step #5

Select the accounts you want to combine and click the "Merge" option. This will cause the accounts to be mixed according to the priorities you established for the fields in the previous step.

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How Can We Merge Accounts That Are Duplicate In Salesforce Lightning?

This procedure is very different from merging accounts in Salesforce Classic.

Step #1

Proceed to the individual account record you feel contains duplicates and navigate there. If Salesforce finds any duplicates, you will be given the option to "View Duplicates" to distinguish between them. On this screen, you can view company accounts and contacts connected to the firm that has been found to have a high probability of duplicates.

Step #2

Choose the accounts that are identical to one another and that you want to combine into one. Similarly, as with Classic, you can only merge a maximum of three duplicates at any given moment. After that, hit the "Next" button.

Step #3

In this step, you will choose the record you want to serve as the "master record" for the merging you are about to do. You also can select from each of the several records which of their fields you would like to maintain. When you are done, proceed by clicking the "Next" button.

Step #4

Check everything one more time to ensure it is correct, and click the "Merge" button.

The process of merging records in Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning is uncomplicated and uncomplicated. However, it does have certain restrictions. To begin, Salesforce only permits merging up to three duplicate accounts simultaneously, so you cannot combine many accounts simultaneously.

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How Can We Merge Non-Duplicate Accounts In Salesforce?

You may need to merge non-duplicate accounts at some time in the future for reasons like a customer changing their name.

No method can be followed to the letter. However, here is a straightforward approach that had proven successful when we sought to combine non-overlapping accounts.

Step #1

  • Find the old account you would like to merge under the Account Tab of your dashboard. For example, look for the Corporate US account. After that, select edit, and place the new name at the top of the list, as seen in the screenshot.

  • Modifying your account for salesforce classic

  • Click the Save button when you are finished.

  • After that, navigate back to the Merge Accounts tool and input your search query there. Your updated accounts will be included in the results that are returned.

Step #2

Simply repeat the previous steps in the merging process for accounts that are duplicated in Salesforce Classic.

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How To Merge Accounts In Salesforce
How To Merge Accounts In Salesforce?

That’s all there is to it! With these simple steps, merging duplicate or non-duplicate accounts in Salesforce is a breeze. If you have questions about the process or problems, don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

Our team of experts is always happy to lend a hand. Thanks for following along, and be sure to check back often for more helpful guides on making the most of your Salesforce account.

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