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5 No-Code SAAS Startups That Are Making $100,000+ a Month

🚀 The Power of No-Code Technology

screenshot of the power of no-code technology

Web apps like these are generating millions of dollars for their founders every year. The business model they follow is known as SaaS (Software as a Service). The exciting part is that anyone can build these without any previous technical knowledge.

No longer do you need five years of programming experience or have to hire expensive developers to bring your idea to life. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can now use no-code tools to develop software visually with drag-and-drop features instead of writing code.

In this blog, we’re going to explore five highly successful no-code startup success stories. We will break down how they did it, the tools they used, and their revenue. Stick around to the end for a particularly fascinating story involving organs, logistics, and saving lives.

🧑‍💻 Teal: Simplifying Job Search

screenshot of Teal landing page

Finding a job online can be tough. If you’ve searched for a solution, you might have come across Teal, one of our first success stories. Founded by David Foo, Teal began as a no-code project from day one. It is an all-in-one suite of tools to help you find your next job quickly.

Teal allows you to organize and manage your job search in one place. You can bookmark job boards using their Chrome extension and track all opportunities in one spot. It simplifies the application process, helping you apply to as many jobs as possible efficiently.

Teal also features an AI Resume Builder, AI Resume Checker, application autofill, LinkedIn reviewer, cover letter generator, and more. Investors have shown confidence in Teal, raising over $1 million from City Light Capital, Flybridge Capital, and Human Ventures.

David Foo, a former architect, used to build Teal. Bubble is a no-code development platform that lets you create any web app without writing a single line of code. David also used Typeform for surveys, HubSpot for CRM, Zapier for workflow automation, Airtable for database management, and Webflow for the front-end website.

💸 Qoins: Tackling Debt with Spare Change

screenshot of Qoins

Debt is a significant pain point for many people. Qoins is a startup that helps you pay off your debt automatically using your spare change from everyday transactions. Nate Washington, one of the founders, was at rock bottom when he discovered Bubble and dedicated himself to learning it.

After mastering Bubble and improving his life, Nate met Christian Zimmerman, another aspiring entrepreneur. Together, they built Qoins, an app that uses spare change to pay off credit card and student debt. They grew their user base to over 10,000 paying customers and helped users pay off more than $35 million in debt.

Despite their success, Qoins eventually declared bankruptcy due to complications with migrating their bank. However, their story showcases the incredible potential of no-code tools like Bubble in building impactful startups.

🌞 Dividend Finance: Financing Renewable Energy

screenshot of Dividend Finance

If you’re a homeowner wanting to install solar panels but can’t afford the upfront cost, Dividend Finance is the solution. This startup processes billions of dollars of loans for renewable energy financing using a no-code app.

Initially, Dividend Finance struggled with traditional development. They turned to a Bubble agency to build their MVP, and in just six weeks, they had a working product. Over time, they added more features and built a robust solution.

Dividend Finance raised over $380 million in funding and was acquired by Fifth Third Bank. Although they eventually hired developers for custom integrations, their no-code foundation was crucial in getting their product to market quickly.

🩺 Airspace: Life-Saving Logistics

A man speaking about Airspace

Airspace is a startup that uses no-code to handle complex logistics for transporting donor organs. Cory, a non-technical founder, discovered Bubble and realized he could build the necessary application without any payment.

In under a month, Cory developed an app for one of the largest organ procurement organizations in the US. The app allowed for multiple gift shipments to be routed instantly, ensuring organs reached their destinations quickly.

Airspace’s no-code solution is reliable and trusted, handling critical systems like organ donations. They continue to grow, servicing over 120 facilities with multi-million dollar ARR contracts.

📑 Better Legal: Simplifying Business Registration

A screenshot of Better Legal

Registering a business can be a headache, but Better Legal simplifies the process. For just $300, they handle the entire business setup in ten minutes. Founded by Chad Sakoni, Better Legal began as a project to automate legal services.

Chad spent years and thousands of dollars on part-time developers before discovering Bubble. What took years to build with custom code, he rebuilt in a few months using Bubble. This saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and allowed Chad to focus on growing the business.

In January 2023, Better Legal had its best month ever and is on track for $1 million in annual recurring revenue. Now, Chad can focus on scaling the business rather than managing developers.

🔑 Key Takeaways for Your Journey

A picture of money burning in a fire

No-code is a legitimate solution for building ideas of any scale. There are hundreds of tools available for different use cases. No-code can give your business a significant advantage due to its speed to market. You can iterate quickly and stay ahead of competitors.

Outgrowing no-code and hiring developers is a good problem to have. Focus on getting your first version of the product into customers’ hands. No-code allows you to build fast, get feedback, and iterate. Once you have revenue, you can hire developers for custom functionality.

You have no excuse to start building your idea today. No-code tools make it possible to bring your ideas to life quickly and efficiently. Start learning and building today!

If you want to see more no-code success stories, keep exploring and stay inspired.



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