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AI Tools That Will Cost You Exactly $0.00

🚀 Pika: Prompt to Video Creator

Pika is a revolutionary tool that allows users to create videos from text prompts. Think of it as a Pixar creator with just one prompt. You can even upload an image and have it transformed into a video.

pika cover page

For instance, you can create videos featuring Elon Musk in a space suit, a cow mooing in outer space, or a dog and a cat in a boxing ring. What’s even cooler is that Pika allows you to edit these videos. You can add glasses to a chimpanzee or change the color of a t-shirt.

Although currently available only on Discord, Pika is completely free. You can also sign up for the waitlist on their website, The quality of the videos is absolutely mind-blowing, making it an exciting tool for creative projects.

🖼️ Dolly 3: Microsoft’s Image Creator

Dolly 3, also known as Microsoft Image Creator, is a text-to-image creator that comes with an editor. You can type in a prompt like “startup founder launching their startup and seeing explosive growth,” and it will generate an image for you.

dolly 3: microsoft's image creator

You can then edit the image, such as making the background blurry to focus on a specific part of the image. The quality is impressive, and the best part is that it’s completely free.

📝 Claude 2: The Competitor to ChatGPT

Claude 2 is a competitor to ChatGPT, offering unique features that set it apart. It can ingest and output a larger amount of information, up to 150,000 words, making it ideal for extensive tasks.

Claude 2 excels at summarizing and writing in natural language. For instance, you can ask it to write an article about how no-code is revolutionizing entrepreneurship, and it will produce a well-written, natural-sounding piece. The free version is robust enough that you might not need the paid version.

📧 Blaze: Simplify Email Writing

If you often write repetitive emails, Blaze is the tool for you. It allows you to create shortcuts for email templates, which you can then use in any browser, including LinkedIn and Gmail.

You can create a shortcut for customer support emails, for example, and personalize it as needed before sending. This tool is simple yet incredibly time-saving.

blaze: simplify email writing

🔍 Perplexity: Your New Research Assistant

Perplexity is a fine-tuned version of ChatGPT that can search the web for updated information. It cites multiple sources and even provides links to the full articles.

For example, you can ask it why you should work with “We Are No Code” to launch your startup, and it will pull up relevant information, including YouTube videos and articles. The free version is highly effective, making it a must-have research tool.

🎬 CapCut: Easy Video Editing

CapCut is a free video editor with numerous AI functionalities. It offers features like script-to-video, where you can write a script or use AI to generate one, and it will create a video for you.

You can fully adapt the video by changing the B-roll, music, and script. Another feature allows you to generate videos from a product link, complete with voiceovers and editable elements.

capcut: easy video editing

📸 Luma: 3D Scanning Made Easy

Luma is an app that lets you scan any product or person to create a 3D version. You can then perform post-production edits to create impressive visuals.

For example, you can create a portal effect or a 3D model of your house using just a few pictures or a video. This tool saves you the cost and complexity of using specialized equipment.

🖼️ Upscayl: Image Enhancement

Upscayl is an open-source image improver that enhances the quality of your pictures. It’s especially useful for printing larger formats without losing quality.

You can improve images in bulk, making it a practical tool for personal and professional use. The enhanced image quality can make a significant difference in your prints.

upscayl: image enhancement

🖌️ Scribble Diffusion: Turn Sketches into Realistic Images

Scribble Diffusion allows you to turn your basic sketches into photo-realistic images. Simply draw your sketch and describe it, and the tool will generate a high-quality image.

For example, you can draw a cat and tell the system it’s a cat, and it will produce a realistic image. This tool is perfect for those who are not artists but need high-quality visuals.

scribble diffusion: turn sketches into realistic images

📈 Conclusion: AI Tools for Everyone

These AI tools offer incredible functionalities at no cost. From video creation and image enhancement to research assistance and email automation, these tools can significantly boost productivity and creativity.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or just someone looking to explore AI, these tools provide valuable resources without breaking the bank.




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